Saturday, November 15, 2008

EPIK Apartment Tour (Dogye)

A little while ago I made a video tour of our neighborhood and the apartment EPIK Gangwon-do provided for us in Samcheok. Today, I thought I'd post a video tour of our new EPIK apartment in Dogye.

Before we moved, we were commuting about two hours a day to our school in Dogye. We told our co-teacher, then the adminstration at our school, the Samcheok Education Office, our recruiter at ESL Job Network and finally the Supervisor of Education for Gangwon Province that we needed to be closer to our school, and finally, after almost two months of our harassment, they found an apartment for us in Dogye. The problem it seems is that EPIK tells recruiters to tell prospective teachers that they will be provided an apartment within 10 or 15 minutes of their school, while a manual that EPIK gives to the schools says to get your English Teachers an apartment within an hour of the school.

In any case, it turned out fine for all the hassle. We lost a lot of apartment space, and our apartment here is quite a bit older. Dogye is much smaller, and feels it. It also feels like the coal mining town that it is. But to leave home at 8:45 and get home at 5:15 is, as the commercials say, priceless.

Here's a look at our apartment, from behind, with town beyond it:

And here's the video (6:02):


Alice said...

Nice tour! You and Melanie are too cute! Is there a bathtub next to that shower? What about that dog - pretty cute, does s/he ever get off that leash?

Jessica said...

I found your video when I searched for "epik apartments." I just got accepted into the program. Looks like you guys are making the best of the space you have. :)

Mallory Eagar said...

That was great, thanks for the tour.