Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures of Dogye on a Clear Day

Yesterday Melanie and I completed the traverse of the long ridge on the west side of Dogye. It was a beautiful, clear day, and warm for this time of year. Here are some pics:

This is our town, Dogye! Just to the left of the seam is the campus of our elementary school:

From left to right the buildings are: kindergarten, gymnasium, administration and grades 2, 3 and 6, the dirt field, and grades 1, 4 and 5 plus the Dogye English Experience Center, which looks closer to opening every day - very exciting!

Melanie about to cast a spell on me from an "improvement" to the trail. It's too bad they build these things, it would've been a nice 3rd class traverse without them, but Koreans love their metal staircases.

From the high vantage point on the ridge, we realized just how close we are to Taebaek, the big city just down the road... as the crow flies anyway. A couple weeks ago we took a cab from Taebaek out to this special agricultural zone and windfarm.

A Korean grave...

And its setting. Not a bad place to be buried, eh?

Playing in the leaves like a couple of little kids.

On our way out we crossed the river just below the major coal mine that operates in town. Of all the towns in Gangwon-do, we were placed in the one with two of Korea's three active coal mines. Anyway, don't drink the water.

We passed a couple of awesome sounding restaurants on our way home. This one is Appricca.

And Smoper. Did they kidnap Papa Smurf and dye him green?


Anjole said...

ah, the Great Wall of Dogye...
does the Aprica restaurant have somehting to do with apricots??probably not.

Alex said...

Appricca is a fried chicken place :)

Alex said...

I gotta do that walk one day, but i went to start it last weekend at my end and it was closed of with a bar and sign (i'm lazy and haven't got around to translating it yet)