Friday, September 12, 2008


A couple of days ago, we were sitting in the teachers' room at school when one of the admin gave a Korean teacher sitting next to me a catalog to look through. So, being the diligent student of Korean culture I am, I looked through the catalog with her. Page 1 - watches and suitcases, page 2 - women's fashion, page 23 - men's fashion, page 32 - shoes, page 37 - makeup, and page 40 - whoa!

Korea is really a very conservative society. Women don't generally show their shoulders in public and while there is premarital sex (and even prostitution), my understanding is it's absolutely not to be talked about. So to say that the dildos and sex toys in the middle of "Corea Homeshopping" caught me a little off guard is putting it quite mildly. Who knew?

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