Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 Pictures, No Theme

If Korea's economy is slowing (and it is), no one seems to have told the shoppers this E-Mart, a large department store, in Donghae.

"King of the Beetles." Certainly the weirdest video game I've seen to date.

Dinner. In my waxing omnivorism, this was the first time I've bought a fish from a store and prepared it myself in Korea. At the store, I pointed to a healthy looking fish, and (thankfully) a nice young man took it behind the counter and de-headed and de-gutted it for me. I was surprised to learn that the fish was priced by the fish, as opposed to by the weight. And at 2,400won (currently about $1.85) it was quite the deal. I think I'll be doing this more often. We made ssambap - lettuce wraps filled with rice, fish, vegetables and a fermented soybean and chili paste. I gotta say, for my first time frying fish, I think I did darn fine job of it.


Melanie said...

That was such a wonderful, delicious, and romantic dinner. I especially liked its little fin. Thank you!

Anjole said...

was it a generic "fish"? did you ever know what kind of fish it was?

Michael Levy said...

Maybe you can ID it for us... do you know what this is?

Anjole said...

looks like maybe some kind of mackerel or sardine to me?